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Unspoken Terms

Feb 13, 2020

Today’s episode is all about navigating the blogging industry and monetizing your influence. Majesty Acheampong shares how she has found success as a content creator and blogger and now provides resources and training for women who are looking to do the same.

As the creator of, Majesty provides a space where women can get the stay up-to-date with the latest in fashion, beauty, hair, and lifestyle, in addition to finding resources to help them use their passion and influences to become successful content creators. On top of being an awesome businesswoman, Majesty shares how she balances work with being a wife and staying invested in her husband’s entrepreneurial endeavors, as well. She also shares how she has seen the industry landscape change over the years, how she manages her business on the backend and the legal issues that aspiring content creators should keep in mind.

This episode is packed with gems that will help you take your brand to the next level, so be sure to listen to the very end!

More on Majesty

Majesty Acheampong is the creator of, an online destination for women that features a lifestyle blog along with resources for content creators. From her blog, you can expect posts related to fashion, beauty, hair, lifestyle, and marriage. Over the years, Majesty has grown her influence by working with brands such as Pantene, Urban Skin RX, Olay, and Carol’s Daughter to name a few. Majesty has also served as an on-air contributor for WCCB Charlotte and been featured as a speaker & panelist for many events & conferences. Majesty now teaches new bloggers industry skills through her workshops, coaching services and Ignite Your Influence Conference. 

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