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Unspoken Terms

May 7, 2020

Today’s episode, with Natasha Samuel, is for anyone interested in using Instagram for business or branding. Natasha offers insight into how to tell your story strategically, on social media for small business and creative entrepreneurial success. Her passion for helping small businesses shine online has helped her establish a creative studio that takes clients’ social platforms to the next level!

Natasha shares how she helps businesses step up their social media strategy and execution to convert followers to clients and customers. She also talks about how she is adapting to the current world climate in her business. Natasha offers services and resources through her studio and her podcast that you definitely want to tap into, so make sure you listen until the end!

More on Natasha

Natasha is the founder of Sol Studio, an Instagram creative studio that specializes in storytelling and strategy. She offers small businesses and creative entrepreneurs Instagram content creation, strategy sessions, educational resources, and The Shine Online Podcast. She helps clients shine on social media through effective strategies and intentional execution.

Where to find Natasha

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Instagram @solstudiomarketing