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Unspoken Terms

Apr 16, 2020

Today’s episode, with Dominique Broadway, is chocked full of insight into money management, entrepreneurial success, and pivoting your business during times of change and transition! Dominique is all about financial literacy and demystifying finances.

Dominique talks with Casey about how she is shifting her business during this current state of affairs. She draws on the wealth of knowledge she has gained over the years as a serial entrepreneur and financial enthusiast. She shares the experiences she has had in business, from legal mishaps to times she has previously had to readjust her business to move forward. As always she sprinkles in the types of golden nuggets that have landed her spots on some of the most elite lists and media platforms during her career! You’ll definitely want to listen until the very end!

More on Dominique

Dominique Broadway is an award-winning Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, Finance Expert and the Founder of Finances Demystified & The Social Money Tour. Dominique has received various accolades such as the Top 30 Under 30 in Washington DC, the DC Future Business Leader of America Businessperson of the Year and the Top Financial Advisor for Millennials in the US.

Dominique’s demystified financial advice has been highlighted on Yahoo!, Huffington Post, Forbes, USA Today, Black Enterprise,, Ebony Magazine, Levo League, Refinery29 and other media outlets. She has a strong passion for working with young professionals, entrepreneurs, and people of all ages to bring their Dreams2Reality.

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