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Unspoken Terms

Feb 27, 2020

In today’s episode, Ashley Renne shares a ton of hard-earned insight into how she got started on her Brand, what has helped her to increase value and hit the 6-figure level of brand deals, and how to avoid getting locked into terrible deal contracts. She talks about quitting her corporate job and building the personal brand that she has always dreamed of.

Ashley gets into the business system set-up that helped her triple her income, and the horrible contract with an international brand, that taught her the importance of having someone review her contracts and building a team that is better than her in the areas that are not her expertise and passion. Listen in for the details of how she has learned her biggest lessons and gained the biggest leaps in her personal brand!

More on Ashley Renne

Ashley Renne is an on-camera host, professional content creator, and keynote speaker. Her personal brand Hey Ashley Renne is a vegan & sustainable lifestyle brand, that shows others how to live an adventurously green life through plant-based eating, eco-friendly living, and sustainable technology. She also has a professional background in media production and creates tools and resources to teach content creators how to level up their production quality, pitching techniques, and negotiation skills.

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