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Unspoken Terms

Dec 23, 2019

Today’s episode with Kahlea Nicole (Gal Getaway, Instagramable Workshop, Network to Network Coaching Program) is overflowing with nuggets of insightful truth for anyone with goals. Her insight has helped her build a solid blog following, land partnerships with international brands, coach many others to business success, and be paid to realize her lifelong dream of going to New York Fashion Week.


Kahlea shares how integrity, introspection, and building a strong support team, has helped her build a brand that she loves and keeps her from feeling pressured to sign shady contracts. When it comes to business, Kahlea starts with making sure her values and focus are right, before she makes a move. She explains, in-depth, the way she has strategically set up her business and surrounded herself with people who are on her team, to position herself to work only with brands she loves and be selective with the contracts she signs. 


For the inside scoop on how she avoids bad contracts and burnout, and was able to turn down a $12,000 deal without losing sleep or slowing her rapid growth, be sure to tune in!


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Kahlea Nicole is an Influencer Coach, the founder of Gal Getaway, and a major goofball with a serious obsession with tacos! Four years after deciding to launch a blog her freshman year of college, she has become a full time entrepreneur that has hosted 15 events for over 500 women, worked with 100+ brands on varying partnership campaigns and coached over 50 women on how to create more impact with less overwhelm by leveraging and monetizing their passions.


She graduated from USF St. Petersburg with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in August of 2019 (Go Bulls!) and now, through her educational resources, she teaches gals how to own their unique story, show up online, and strategically strive towards their dreams with confidence.


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Social Media Handle: @kahleanicolee

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