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Unspoken Terms

May 28, 2020

Influencer marketing is big business! In today's episode, we go behind the scenes of the booming and often misunderstood world of influencer marketing, with industry professional Jessy Grossman. 

Jessy provides an eye-opening perspective of the industry as an influencer talent manager and takes us behind the scenes of how she's managed to build her business in this space. 

We talk about Jessy's entrepreneurial journey, and common pitfalls to avoid as an influencer and as an influencer representative. Whether you're new to the industry, or more experienced, you don't want to miss this episode! 

More on Jessy

Jessy is an entertainment and media professional with over a decade of entertainment experience and a sharp, forward-thinking mindset.

Jessy represents digital talent as they work with digital content companies, advertisers, and brands to produce buzz-worthy entertainment that engages audiences, drives monetization, and accomplishes key goals/objectives on their behalf.

Since 2009, Jessy has been at the forefront of the digital content revolution. From production to an interest in technology, and talent representation Jessy's work in the digital commercial realm has led to the creation of new business models and new digital opportunities for her clients with such brands as Unilever, Mattel, Almay, OtterBox, Old Navy, Gap, Target, Steve Madden, HP, Sephora, Gilt, H&M, and many other companies from emerging brands to Fortune 500s.

Specific areas of expertise include:

- Digital Talent Representation
- Digital IP Deal Structure, Negotiation, and Contracting
- Digital Marketing
- Production
- Development
- Content Creation

She currently resides in (and loves) New York City and works with clients all over the world.

Where to find Jessy


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