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Unspoken Terms

Feb 20, 2020

Today’s episode goes out to all the fierce femmes! Listen to hear from Meagan Ward y’all about her inspirational journey to the successful businesswoman, wife, and mother, that she is today. As a serial entrepreneur, organic influencer, and CEO, she shares insights into what it takes for women to take control of their lives and careers! Learn tips for entrepreneurship, landing major brand deals, setting up a powerful business backend, and thriving in all of the areas of life, while you’re at it!

Powerfully poised in entrepreneurial activism and global empowerment, Meagan Ward is the incomparable impact leader, strategist and branding maven consistently positioning women for greatness in business and life. Crafting her own life’s work around the transcendence of womanhood and career, Meagan’s keen expertise as an industry trailblazer has propelled hundreds of women forward through the transformation of passion into purpose, helping each woman to uniquely define and create success on their own terms--something she achieved for herself in just three years.

More on Meagan

Meagan has created an enterprising network of women as owner of Creatively Flawless, a branding agency for women-owned businesses, owner of FEMOLOGY, Detroit’s first female-focused co-working space, and creator of The Powerful Women, the acclaimed movement highlighting powerful women in Detroit which cultivates rich experiences for women to embrace, learn, bond and uplift through sisterhood. As a reflection of its owner, Meagan’s first business, Creatively Flawless, has serviced hundreds of women across the nation in the first-hand development of their strategic and visual branding.

Meagan’s continuous capacity to set the bar high for herself and every woman with whom she encounters has afforded her recognition and features in Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Crain's, Rolling Out and a host of others. Her dedicated brand work has been displayed in Times Square, Target, Vogue, Essence magazine and more. 

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