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Unspoken Terms

Jan 7, 2021

Today, Casey chats with serial entrepreneur and founder of the Atlanta Greek Picnic, Tiwa Works. They talk about everything from entrepreneurship and event planning, to real estate, investments, and government contracts, and the importance of networking in all of those spaces.


Listen in for how Tiwa has built several sustainable businesses since he was 16 years old and how he has been a successful serial entrepreneur. Tiwa shares how he has leveraged the opportunities that just came to him to propel himself to success. He also shares some of the biggest business lessons he’s learned over the years.


This is an episode that you don’t want to miss if you want to have legacy and impact in business, as an entrepreneur!



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Meet our Guest

Known for his innovative entrepreneurial endeavors, his passionate leadership, and community engagement, Tiwa Works has created a lasting impression on industries worldwide – from Atlanta, Georgia to Lagos, Nigeria.


The British-born Nigerian, credits his hard-working parents and discipline for helping to develop his keen business acumen and successful portfolio. While pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Information Science at Georgia Southwestern State University, Works was initiated into Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and volunteered with numerous service organizations. Here is where he cultivated his interest in live events and providing unmatched experiences.


Immediately after graduating, Works combined his love for music, experience as a college DJ and his network-savvy mindset to take his gifts to the next level with the founding of Tiwaworks, an upscale event and marketing company. While Works’ projects encompass a variety of entertainment offerings, special guests, seamless activations, and Grammy-nominated artists, his most impressive implementation is the Atlanta Greek Picnic. Heading into its 17th year, Atlanta Greek Picnic empowers, enlightens, reaches and unites all those of The Divine Nine organizations to build relationships within the National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC) and use these relationships to serve their communities.


Connect with Tiwa








Show Notes

[3:46] – Casey gives some background information about Tiwa.


[7:30] – The interview begins.


[8:10] – Tiwa talks a little more about who he is and what he does.


[9:24] – Casey asks what sparked Tiwa’s entrepreneurial spirit as a young man.


[14:06] – Tiwa and Casey talk about some of his biggest business takeaways from doing the Atlanta Greek Picnic for over a decade.


[17:40] – Tiwa talks about the differences in how business is done here in the US and in other countries.


[21:42] – Casey asks how Tiwa has pivoted in business, to deal with the limitation of the pandemic.


[25:54] – Tiwa talks about how he manages having multiple businesses and giving value in all of them, on the back end.


[31:50] – Casey asks Tiwa if there is a key component that has helped Tiwa connect with so many people, celebrities, and brands.


[36:06] – Tiwa shares some of his biggest business missteps and the lessons he’s learned from them.


[45:10] – Casey asks what advice Tiwa has for folks who really need money and are considering taking the shady deal.


[50:00] – Tiwa shares the mindset routines he practices to maintain his faith and success.


Meet our Host

Casey is an entertainment and digital media law attorney who helps influencers and creative entrepreneurs who struggle with navigating the legal side of their businesses and brands, specifically as it relates to contracts. She prides herself on helping creatives negotiate fair deals with Fortune 500 companies and leading entertainment brands, all while helping them build legally sound businesses that are built for generational wealth and impact. Here on the podcast, she normally does that through sharing the stories of successful entrepreneurs and influencers to help you learn from their mistakes. But occasionally, like today, switches things up and highlights popular culture. 



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