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Unspoken Terms

Nov 12, 2020

Today, Casey and Rosezena Pierce, The Queen of the Trademark Jungle, chat about trademarking and entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and the importance of operating at a high level from the very beginning of your business journey. The ladies go deep into how to do business in a way that will set you up for success, from figuring out what works best for your life and business, to building a team to help you operate at your highest level. If you are currently an entrepreneur or have ever thought about starting a business, this is not an episode that you want to miss!



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Meet our Guest

Rosezena I Pierce is a Chicago native, Entrepreneur, Wife and mother who is very passionate about educating her clients and entrepreneurs by providing trademark legal services to protect their brand and the value of their artistry and business. Rosezena loves working with people in the beauty industry and small business owners. Some of her clients consist of hip hop recording artists, stylists, salon owners, restaurant owners, fashion designers, artist managers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, community activists, music producers, photographers, videographers, coaches and many more.


Rosezena has been practicing and serving as an entrepreneur for almost 7 years now. In 2019, she was named as one of the Top 100 Trademark Attorneys in the US. She has filed over 800 Trademarks to date. Rosezena is licensed to practice law by the State of Illinois. Rosezena is a proud member of the Chicago Bar Association of Chicago (IPLAC), and Black Entertainment and Sports Law Association (BESLA). She also is dedicated to community service and serves on the Board of Directors for Lawndale Christian Legal Center.

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Show Notes

[4:46] – The Interview Begins.


[5:28] – Rosezena tells us a little bit about herself and how she landed on trademark law.


[10:52] – Rosezena elaborates on her deep passion for IP law for small businesses and how she ended up as an entrepreneur herself.


[22:02] – Casey asks Rosezena to talk about common issues that come up when business owners are reactive instead of proactive with getting a trademark.


[29:46] – Here Rosezena talks about the benefits of having a trademark for your business.


[36:26] – Casey asks Rosezena to break down the trademarking process.


[43:20] – Rosezena goes over the costs that are associated with filing a trademark application.


[54:12] – Rosezena gives tips for entrepreneurs and talks about the importance of having a team.


Meet Our Host 

Casey is an entertainment and digital media law attorney who helps influencers and creative entrepreneurs who struggle with navigating the legal side of their businesses and brands, specifically as it relates to contracts. She prides herself on helping creatives negotiate fair deals with Fortune 500 companies and leading entertainment brands, all while helping them build legally sound businesses that are built for generational wealth and impact. Here on the podcast, she normally does that through sharing the stories of successful entrepreneurs and influencers to help you learn from their mistakes. But occasionally, like today, switches things up and highlights popular culture. 



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