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Unspoken Terms

Jan 31, 2019

In today’s episode, Courtney L. Sanders (FKA Think and Grow Chick) opens up about the “legal mishap” that sparked her rebranding and what it really means to work with brands in the influencer space. Courtney provides a ton of insight on how she’s leveraging her brand sponsorship opportunities to not only generate more revenue, but to reach her ultimate goal of being on a national platform.

Courtney provides a blueprint for landing sponsorship deals, how to package your services as an influencer and savvy tips for negotiating these deals.


More on Courtney

Courtney Sanders is a coach, speaker and online influencer to millennial women who puts a fresh spin on women's empowerment. Known for her ability to break complex concepts down in a fresh and relatable way, Courtney provides online & in-person training on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, money management and spirituality. Courtney has been featured on and in Essence Magazine. She also served as a featured speaker at The White House for the Obama Administration's Council on Women and Girls in 2016.


Resources mentioned in today’s episode

  • - Influencer marketing platform. Provides analytics, demographics info., competitor research and more.
  • - Online Influencer Agreement contract template, for influencers and brands. Enter offer code “podcast” and get this template 50% off at checkout.


Where to find Courtney

Social Media Handles

Instagram/YouTube: @courtneylsandersFacebook: @thecourtneysanderscoTwitter: @thecourtsandersBest Way for Audience to Contact You: Instagram or via email,