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Unspoken Terms

Jan 24, 2019

In this episode, Brian Brushwood opens up about a tricky “work for hire” clause in a production contract that almost cost him a huge opportunity early in his career. Brian sheds a ton of light on the business landscape for professional talent, and how he’s been able to use his experiences to propel him forward.


As a 20-year nationally touring magician, Brian shares his first-hand experience with surviving entertainment industry trends, from his early days working with booking agents for television placements to the rise of YouTube and social media influencers.


Brian takes us behind the scenes of how he managed to break the traditional mold and utilize the online space to build his YouTube shows/brands, the Modern Rouge Series and Scam School. Brian even provides insight on his experience selling the idea of Scam School to Revision 3, now owned by Discovery Digital Networks.


Where to Find Brian Brushwood


IG I Twitter | FB: @shwood