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Unspoken Terms

Jan 17, 2019

In today’s episode, I talk with Kelly Ruta about her experience dealing with a coaching client who completely ghosted her, leaving a $4,000 tab behind.  Kelly gets real about her experience, how she was able to beef up her client contracts with key language, and develop a seamless client onboarding process to alleviate this issue altogether in her business. 

Kelly Ruta is a seasoned psychotherapist turned transformational mindset mentor and speaker for women answering the call to rise and lead. She works with entrepreneurs all over the world who realize that the fastest path to connect to the LIMITLESS potential and intelligence of the Universe is via the mind. Kelly’s BIG WHY is to positively impact thousands of women across the world by teaching them to become empowered leaders of purpose and mission-driven businesses and careers that change the world. When Kelly isn’t working, she is hanging with her husband and two sons, often on the baseball field but preferably somewhere with a good book and her toes in the sand.

Where to Find Kelly  

You can find more about Kelly by clicking HERE.