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Unspoken Terms

Apr 30, 2020

Today, Casey chats with Timeesha Duncan about creative brand strategy and how to position your brand for success. Timeesha has a lot of experience in the creative space, as she has worked in multiple industries and worn many hats. She offers an insightful perspective that uniquely qualifies her to take creative brands from the ground floor to internationally impactful platforms.

Timeesha shares some of her interesting path to the international success she now is, having been dubbed the Olivia Pope of Branding, and tidbits that she has learned along the way. She dives into the legal lessons that she wishes she knew from the very beginning and explains how she has readjusted her business over the years, to handle the ups and downs. You don’t want to miss one second of this powerful episode, so get ready!

More on Timeesha

Timeesha Duncan is an Award-Winning Speaker, International #1-Best-Selling Author, and Creative Brand Strategist and Educator. She is best known for helping entrepreneurs create powerhouse brands that captivate their target audience, build their tribe, and impact millions with their brand message.

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